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Harper Rally Preparations

Harper Rally Preparations prepare and hire rally cars to customers around the world. Complete with an ex-Prodrive truck and hospitality unit, the Harper Rally Prep team provides complete pre-event and on-event management. Our services include the transportation of your car either countrywide or worldwide as well as general car maintainance before, during and after an event. Harper Rally Prep have the solutions.

Harper Rally Preparations also sell and rebuild parts for major rally teams in Ireland. We have a vast range of WRC and Group A parts available, including both competition spares and consumables, and can rebuild parts such as clutches, dampers, driveshafts and gearboxes. With the use of a Gearbox Dyno we can test your car's gearbox. Harper Rally Prep are at the pinnacle of modern technology.

Cars for hire include a Group N Mitsubishi Lancer and LHD / RHD Subaru Impreza World Rally Cars, from an Impreza WRC98 to an S8 Impreza WRC.

For more information about any of the above services, contact Harper Rally Prep by e-mail or telephone +44 (0) 28 9268 8054.
Harper Rally Preparations